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Lithium Ion Battery Chargers

Vale Distribution Offers Lithium Battery Charger Options for Your Lithium Ion Battery Packs

If you are searching for a lithium battery charger option for charging lithium ion battery packs, Vale Distribution can help!  We supply the latest charging technology to provide a safe and reliable charge for your lithium rechargeable battery or lithium ion battery packs.

Lithium Battery Charger Features

  • An LED light shows the progress of the charge cycle
  • Battery packs available from 4.0 volts to 16.8 volts
  • Cell number can range from 1 to 5 cells
  • There are chargers for battery packs with or without a thermistor in the pack
  • Most of the chargers have universal inputs with interchangeable mains prongs
  • Chargers come with the ability to accommodate the standard DC connectors through a unique connection cable socket
  • Wall mount versions ensure that units are out of the way and additional space in the equipment is not required
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Li-Ion  Battery Chargers
Li-Ion Battery Chargers
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Li-Ion  Battery Chargers  w/NTC
Li-Ion Battery Chargers w/NTC
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