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NiCd/NiMH Battery Chargers

Vale Distribution has partnered with FRIWO to offer a line of NiCd battery chargers and NiMh battery chargers that can charge NiCd packs and NiMH battery packs with capacities from 1.0 AH to 35.0 AH.

NiMH & NiCd Battery Charger Features

  • NiCd battery (also referred to as a nicad battery) packs can contain from two to twenty cells
  • Interchangeable mains prongs to accommodate different international needs
  • Two wire negative delta V or three wire thermistor sense for termination charge
  • 80 percent efficiency
  • Standard DC plug configurations in stock
  • Custom options available upon request
  • Meet safety standards for most countries and uses, including medical

NiCd Battery Charger Options Used in a Number of Industries

  • Medical
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Mobile lighting
  • Mobile measuring instruments
  • Photography Equipment
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NiCD / NiMH  Battery Chargers
NiCD / NiMH Battery Chargers
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